H1B Visa Application and Processing

Published: 10th January 2007
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Work in USA

Getting job in USA is always a wish for IT People in India. USA is the largest economy in world and it is always very beneficial for Indians working there as they get enhanced Income as well as provide foreign currency to their country too. US Embassy has taken steps to double its visa generation capacity in India. The trend of Indians going to the US has increased over the years. In 2006 fiscal, who ended on September 30, as many as 3, 58,734 temporary visas, including visa for 1, 27,000 temporary workers, and over 30,000 immigrant visas were issued. In 2004, the Embassy issued 305 thousands visas, while the number went up to 313 thousands in the subsequent year.Src: The Hindu

How to get Work Visa (H1B Visa)

Find a job with a company who will 'sponsor' an H1B visa for you.

New Employer/ Staffing Agency file your H1B application.

Visa application is approved by the US Immigration Bureau

Start work for your new employer (H1B Sponsor Company) in the USA.

What is H1B Visa?

H1B visa program is the method of bringing professionals to USA to work there. H1B VISA enables the employers in USA to hire employees from the countries other than USA for certain time period. An H1B VISA is usually valid for a period of 3 years at a time, extendable by another 3 years on renewal. An H1B visa holder professional may be permitted to bring their spouse and children during the validity of the VISA. H4 Visa is for the family members of H1B visa holders. H4 visa holders cannot take up paid employment.

Who is eligible for H1B Visa

H1B Visas are given to professionals possessing practical work experience or a relevant qualification degree in following fields:

• IT / Computer professionals

• University professors and teachers

• Healthcare workers

• Engineers

• Accountants

• Financial analysts

• Management consultants

• Lawyers

• Architects

• Nurses

• Physicians

• Surgeons

• Dentists

• Scientists

• Systems analysts

• Journalists and editors

• Foreign Law advisors

• Psychologists

• Technical publications writers

• Market research analysts

• Teachers in elementary or secondary schools, colleges

Required Documentation for H1B visa holder

1. High School Diploma (only required if no college level of education has been attained.)

College diplomas (Associate, Bachelor, Master, PhD)

2. College transcripts/academic records

3. Certificate/diploma of training courses in IT

4. Evidence of license or professional membership in IT

5. Employment verification in the form of retrospective references (these must correlate with information in CV/Resume

6. Current CV/Resume describing in detail employment history including: name & address of employer, job title, and month/year commenced employment & month/year concluded employment, type of business, duties performed, full/part time.

7. Identity page in passport plus any pages evidencing current or expired US Visas.

Documents to get H-4 VISA for the dependent of H-1B VISA holder

1. Passport

2. VISA Copy of your Spouse

3. H1B approval notice - Copy

4. Letter from the current employer

5. Marriage certificate (If spouse)

6. Marriage album (If spouse)

7. H1B Visa Renewal / Extension

An H1B VISA is usually valid for a period of 3 years at a time, extendable by another 3 years on renewal.

Your legal status depends on the expiration date written on the I-94 card by the INS officer at the port-of-entry. As long as the mentioned date is valid, irrespective of whether your visa stamp in the passport has expired or not, and you are continuing to work for the sponsoring employer under the terms of the petition, then you are legally permitted to be in the US. However, you would need to renew your visa stamp if you plan on leaving the country for a while.

For the purpose of renewal / extension of your H1B, the following documents need to be submitted to the US State Department:

1. Valid passport (at least six months validity remaining) for the applicant and each family member.

2. The original of the form I-94 issued to the applicant by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

3. Form I-797: The latest INS approval notice. This has information on the applicant's current employer and indicates the approval dates or renewal / extension dates.

4. Employer's Letter of Support addressed to the Visa Office of the Department of State. This letter should contain information relating to the applicant's position, the nature of the business or profession, and an explanation as to why the visa is needed.

5. A money order or certified check, payable to the Department of State, for visa fees.

6. A properly executed visa application form for each person requesting renewal of visa.

7. A self-addressed postage-paid envelope for returning the documents.

The Number of H1B visas issued - the H1B Cap

The number of H1B visas issued each year is subject to a cap that is determined by US Congress. The cap for fiscal year 2006 is currently set at 65,000.

The H1B applications that are approved for each fiscal year receive an employment start date of October 1 (the first day of the fiscal year).

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